RV Roof Membranes

You need a roof membrane that can stretch to the contours of your RV roof, while also holding up to elements, and you can count on Alpha Systems RV roof membranes for premium performance and flexibility. Our RV roof membranes are available in multiple sizes and colors to perfectly match and fit your rig’s roof. 

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High-Performance RV Roof Membranes 

The SuperFlex roofing membrane by Alpha Systems provides premium performance and flexibility for the increasingly complex roof designs of today's RVs. SuperFlex is a lightweight, tear-resistant and puncture-resistant Olefin-based membrane. Though lighter than EPDM, it is just as strong and won't fade or chalk. It’s also 10% thicker, has 220% higher tear resistance and 500% more elongation than PVC RV roofing. With SuperFlex, you can have long-lasting UV protection with excellent resistance to mold, algae and fungus. For installation, be sure to use environmentally friendly adhesives and sealants to properly bond and seal the membrane. 
To keep your roof clean and free from streaks, we also offer RV roof cleaners that are safe to use on rubber, metal, glass, plastic and painted areas of RVs, as well as boats.