RV Roof Kits

Repair, replace or upgrade with an RV roof kit from Lippert. Our kits come with everything you need to revitalize your RV roof and prep your rig for adventure, including adhesive, sealant, tape and more. We offer a wide variety of colors and size options to perfectly suit your RV.

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RV roof kitRV roof kit

RV Roof Kits for Any Size Project

Tackle your next roofing project with Lippert! Our RV roof kits supply you with everything you need to repair your RV roof, like patches, sealants, adhesives, tapes and membranes.  
Our roofing membranes provide premium performance and flexibility for the increasingly complex roof designs of today's RV. They are highly stretchable and conform to the contours of RVs while staying clean, dust-free and chalk-free. Plus, our quality RV roof membrane stays resistant to mold, algae and fungus, and has excellent UV protection for a long-lasting color and life span.  
Alpha Systems RV sealants are specifically formulated to withstand the wear and tear of outdoor elements and have strong resistance to chemicals, oils and greases.  
Our water-based adhesives create a strong bond for a variety of RV roofing, flooring and other construction materials. The moisture-wicking nature of these products helps protect sensitive materials on your RV from widespread damage. 
Our easy-to-apply tapes are perfect for sealing roof joints, seams and trim pieces. Best of all, these tapes are 100% VOC free and there are no special safety requirements for application. 
For RV roofing projects big or small, you can count on our lineup of RV roof patch kits to get the job done right!