RV Lap Sealant

Keep the air and moisture out with our RV lap sealant designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. This sealant is perfect for RV roofs, vents, antennas, skylights and anywhere else you need to create a permanent bond to prevent moisture intrusion. Our self-leveling sealant comes in a variety of colors and is paintable once cured so that you can effortlessly match the aesthetics of your RV.

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Person applying RV lap sealant with a caulk gunPerson applying RV lap sealant with a caulk gun

RV Lap Sealant for Superior Roof Maintenace & Repair 

Our self-leveling RV lap sealant comes in a variety of colors and is a must-have product when maintaining or repairing flat surfaces around your RV exterior. Ideal for a variety of RV roof materials, our RV lap sealant is the perfect solution for rubber, metal or fiberglass RV roofs. It can also be used for sealing around roofing structures like antennas, vents, skylights and more. 
To apply, ensure your roof or roofing structures are clean, dry and free of oil and moisture. Apply it with a caulking gun, then let it sit for one to two hours while the skin develops. Once our self-leveling RV lap sealant is fully cured, it can hold up against the shock, vibrations, and other stressors that come with mobile living.