RV Roof Coatings

Add strength and durability to your roof with our lineup of RV roof coatings. Our heavy-duty acrylic roof coating was formulated to help you maintain and protect your RV roof’s surface by reflecting light and heat to keep it cool. Our RV roof coating is compatible with numerous surfaces and can be applied as often as you like to keep your roof in excellent condition throughout the year.

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Easy-to-Apply RV Roof Coatings 

Protecting your RV roof is an extremely important part of RV maintenance. With Alpha Systems RV roof coatings, you can get the job done right and not worry about a leaky roof! Our water-based acrylic RV roof coating is specifically formulated to reflect heat and light, helping to keep your roof’s surface cooler. It’s compatible with multiple surface materials, meaning you can use it with polyurethane foam, aluminum, galvanized steel, fiberglass and even cured concrete. Re-coat your roof with our RV roof coating as often as needed to keep it in tip-top shape throughout the camping season. 
Flexibility is a must for today’s RV roofs because of their modern, complex contours. Our SuperFlex roof membrane is highly flexible and stretchable while staying puncture and tear resistant. It is 10% thicker, has 220% higher tear resistance and 500% more elongation than PVC RV roofing. Plus, it’s resistant to mold, algae and fungus, and provides excellent UV protection for a long-lasting life span.  
If you’re patching, repairing or replacing your RV roof, chances are you’ll need to tape around the area. For better tape adhesion, use our SuperFlex cover strip primer in dirty, difficult-to-clean areas. Simply wipe or brush the primer onto the needed area and wait for it to dry before applying tape. You’ll notice a huge difference in the life of your tape job when you use a good primer!