RV Tape

When you need to quickly repair your RV roof, having TPO and butyl RV tape on hand can be a game changer. We offer a variety of sizes and colors of easy-to-apply tapes that are perfect for sealing roof joints, seams and trim pieces.  

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Person uses RV tape to repair a leakPerson uses RV tape to repair a leak

RV Tape for Dependable Repairs

Our TPO tape is ideal if you need to repair your roof and fix tears, punctures, leaks and other damage. With an aggressive “instant tack” proprietary adhesive and UV-stable TPO face, it’s the clear choice for flashing applications. Best of all, our TPO tape is 100% VOC-free, and there are no special safety requirements for application. 
Our high-performance, versatile butyl tape is formulated to provide optimal levels of adhesion, elongation, and tensile strength. It works great for weatherproofing your RV and sealing your roof and ducts. With excellent adhesion to non-porous substrates, this tape offers superior resistance to water and air intrusion. Like our TPO tape, it’s also VOC-free!