RV Bed Lift & Tilt Parts

Our growing line of RV bed lift parts and tilt components is aimed at providing a comfortable place within your RV and ensuring the stability needed to enjoy a restful night's sleep. Shop our pivot leashes, gas struts and more to fully equip your sleeping space for functionality and relaxation.

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RV Bed Lift Replacement Parts

From replacement motors and switches to bunk pins, stops and struts, we stock everything you need to replace worn or broken equipment on your powered RV bed lift system. Our replacement bed lift switch cord provides a link between the switch and control module on our power bed lift systems. Our dependable and durable replacement motors will get your bed lift back in action and provide reliable operation for years to come. We also offer multiple sizes of 2 and 3-pin plug-and-play microswitches and replacement switchboards to complete your system.  
Plus, you can keep your furniture in place while on the road or while your RV is in storage. Our wire lock snapper pins, bunk pins and stops keep your bed and other furniture secure. 
To ensure you order the correct components for your power bed lift system, always check the specifications on your existing unit before purchase. 

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