RV Slide-Outs & Lifts

RV Slide-Outs & Lifts

With more than 80 patents globally, Lippert knows slide-outs! Our time-tested designs maximize interior space while minimizing weight and protecting your rig. We offer a full range of replacement parts and upgrades to optimize your RV slide-out and make your interior a well-functioning space for you and your crew.

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In-wall RV slide-out repair and partsIn-wall RV slide-out repair and parts

Slide-Out Repair Made Easy

When things go sideways with your slide-out, you’ll need a trusted source to get the replacement parts you need. That’s where we come in. We offer a variety of RV slide-out components through our Lippert series, such as In-Wall®, SlimRack® and Flex Guard. Replacement parts like motors, control panels, rollers, track hardware, electronics and more will keep your slide-out functioning properly so you can stay engaged in your adventure.

To add comfort and functionality to your RV bed, we also have a growing line of bed lift parts and tilt components. Our pivot leashes, gas struts and more will ensure you have the stability you need to enjoy your sleeping space and get a restful night’s sleep.

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