RV Faucets

RV Faucets

Complete your kitchen or bathroom upgrade with a sleek RV faucet from Lippert. Our RV bathroom faucets come with a stylish, low-profile design and are constructed with durable stainless steel made to last for years to come. Our kitchen faucets are available in black or stainless steel options, and you can choose from our various gooseneck, pull-down, stationary and coiled configurations. Don't miss our guide to quick and easy RV kitchen faucet replacement!

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Stylish & Functional RV Faucet Upgrades

Lippert RV faucet solutions will allow you to reimagine and refresh your residential or RV space. Each faucet in our lineup is made from durable, 304-grade stainless steel that was built to last year after year.

Our coiled and pull-down RV kitchen faucets are designed to give you versatility with a flexible, pull-down head. The head comes complete with a toggle that allows for an effortless transition between spray and stream modes. Designed for single-handle operation, our square and curved gooseneck kitchen faucets come with an arched gooseneck design that helps to maximize the vertical space in your kitchen sink.

The Waterfall bathroom faucet provides an easy, single-handle operation with a stylish, open head that will add a touch of modern to any bathroom sink. The Luminary lavatory faucet features a low-profile design with single-handle operation.

Whatever RV faucet option you choose, you’ll be able to tackle cooking, dishwashing, handwashing and more with ease and convenience.

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