RV Water Heaters

Keep the hot water flowing with an RV water heater that provides unlimited hot water on demand, any time you need it. Our tankless electric water heaters are easy to install on any RV or camper. Simply do a retrofit installation and start enjoying the luxury of modern living on the road. Learn more about RV Tankless Water Heaters!

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RV water heater on the outside of the camperRV water heater on the outside of the camper

RV Hot Water on Demand

Available in multiple door sizes to retrofit competitor models, Furrion and Girard RV water heaters are made for life on the road.

Furrion water heaters can reach hot temperatures within a minute, even when the ambient temperature drops to freezing. With a heating capacity of 2.4 GPM / 144 GPH and a powerful 60,000-BTU output, our camper water heaters deliver hot water on demand, when you need it. Additionally, each Furrion water heater comes with enhanced safety features, like a pressure relief valve, over-temperature protection, blower block protection and automatic shut-off.

Girard tankless RV water heaters provide hot water at the precise temperature you set it to. The onboard microprocessor intelligently drives the inner workings of the heater, monitoring incoming cold water temperature, flow rate and outgoing water temperature. It also regulates the burner so that you get a constant, steady water flow. Enhanced safety features on these water heaters include a user display for viewing and adjusting operating functions, as well as a digital controller that displays diagnostic information for easy troubleshooting if issues arise. 

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