RV Toilets

RV Toilets

If it’s time for an RV toilet upgrade, Lippert has you covered. Our camper toilets come with all the features of a residential toilet in a design that’s specifically built for your RV. With a deep bowl, ceramic construction, easy-close lid, built-in foot pedal and more, you can enjoy a powerful and efficient performance without sacrificing comfort or quality.

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Powerful & Efficient RV Toilets

When it’s time for a toilet upgrade, you can count on the Flow Max RV toilet to check all your boxes. It features a residential toilet design that is specifically built for your rig. The bowl is made from 100% durable ceramic, giving it a more luxurious look and feel over standard plastic camper toilets. The residential seat size and height combined with the easy-close seat and lid make this RV toilet more comfortable and convenient to use for everyone in your family.

Weighing just 31 lbs., the Flow Max RV toilet is easy to quickly install in your rig. It operates on an easy-to-maintain gravity flush system and can be flushed hands-free using the ergonomic foot pedal. The fully enclosed rim provides a mess-free flushing experience and guards against unnecessary spills.

Additionally, each flush delivers an around-the-rim, full-bowl clean so you can keep your camper toilet looking and smelling fresh day after day. Just because it’s powerful doesn’t mean it’s not efficient. Using only one pint of water per flush, this toilet is an ultra-efficient solution for your RV.