RV Roof Vents

Get an RV roof vent that works proactively to keep your rig fresh and well-ventilated. The Lippert 360 Siphon RV vent is a revolutionary design that pulls air upward through the ventilation system, creating an updraft without any moving parts. Choose from multiple colors. Installation is a breeze!

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Breathe Easy with Our RV Vents

Don’t let smelly odors invade your living space! With the 360 Siphon, you can eliminate odors coming from your holding tanks and exhaust them out of the RV roof vent, leaving the air in your rig fresh and clean. The 360 Siphon was engineered to create an updraft, allowing odors to escape your RV while providing an oxygen-rich environment to speed up the breakdown of waste in your holding tanks. The built-in screen also helps keep pests out, so you don’t have to worry about a bug invasion putting a damper on your camping experience.

The universal design of the 360 Siphon RV vent makes it a great fit for any camper! It's compatible with all RV vent caps and installation is super easy, allowing you to avoid as much roof sealant rework as possible.

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