RV Inverters & Converters

RV Inverters & Converters

Our RV inverters and converters are safe and easy-to-install solutions for your DC-to-AC or AC-to-DC power applications. Designed with VibrationSmart™ and ClimateSmart™ technologies, our RV power inverters and converters ensure reliable operation for protection on the road.

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Reliable Power on the Road

If you’re looking for an easy way to efficiently invert your DC power to AC, Furrion RV power inverters provide a safe solution. Each RV inverter comes with an advanced microprocessor and LED operation indicator, as well as VibrationSmart™ technology to withstand rough road conditions and ClimateSmart™ technology to resist major temperature fluctuations. 
Charge your lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries on your rig safely and without energy loss with a Furrion RV power converter! Our AC-to-DC charging unit not only charges your RV batteries quickly and safely, but it also works to extend overall battery life. It’s the ideal solution for RVs, providing a standard 120-volt plug to easily connect to a standard outlet. The Net-Zero RV converter is also equipped with advanced safety features such as over-voltage, over-current, short-circuit and reverse-polarity protection. 
The Furrion power center is an innovative unit that is both an RV converter and power distribution panel. The built-in microprocessor constantly monitors the battery voltage and automatically adjusts the converter output voltage to provide the proper charging voltage for fast recharges and long-term maintenance. It also provides multiple AC and DC outputs to support your energy needs on the road.  
We also offer transfer switches that safely transfer input from shore power to generators. 

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