RV Power Cords

When it comes to RV power cords, you're going to need strength, durability and flexibility. Our power cords are constructed to withstand harsh pulling and are flexible enough to coil and store with ease. Made to the highest quality standards for a long lifespan, you'll be able to use your RV power cord for years to come.

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RV power cord being plugged inRV power cord being plugged in

Strong & Reliable RV Power Cords

Who said camping had to be unplugged? Whether you’re powering all the creature comforts of your motorhome or just the essentials in your pop-up camper, Lippert has you covered. Our RV power cord selection features 50-amp and 30-amp options specifically engineered using marine-grade, UL-rated materials that stand up to the elements.

For RV owners with a higher power demand, Lippert offers 50-amp RV power cord options complete with integrated Powersmart technology to handle the increased electrical load of larger RVs and motorhomes. Enjoy uninterrupted operation of appliances, air conditioning systems and other high-power devices you can’t live without.

For smaller RV owners, our 30-amp RV power cords are designed to provide a secure and efficient power connection. Despite the lower amp rating, these RV power cords maintain the same standards of strength, durability and flexibility as their high-powered counterparts.

Our RV power cords are available in various lengths to accommodate different setups and campground configurations. Discover why RVers everywhere choose Lippert RV cords to deliver the performance necessary to outlast years of RVing adventures.

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