RV Wheel & Axle

RV Wheel & Axle

Protect your rig with RV wheels, tires and axles that have the longevity to last through many outdoor adventures for years to come. Our wheels and axles are made for RVs, which means they are built tough and are equipped to handle life on the road. Make your adventures greater with heavy-duty parts that will last. Want to see an upgrade in action? Watch the video in our travel trailer axle upgrade blog post!

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RV wheels and axlesRV wheels and axles

More Than Just RV Wheels

Lippert axles always take you further. Our state-of-the-art robotic welders ensure the highest precision and quality on every component. We offer a full line of reliable spring, torsion and heavy-duty axles in capacities from 2K to 16K to meet your unique specifications.

Lippert has been supplying axles to both the RV industry and the specialty axle industry since 2005. With superior engineering and innovative technology, Lippert has ascended to the top in axle quality and durability. Our axle assemblies and components are traceable down to the exact production run and original lot number.

Rest assured, if your RV has been built with Lippert axles, your adventures will continue smoothly, and your vacation will be without interruption.

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