RV Brakes

Lippert RV brakes give you the confidence to travel knowing that your braking system is safe and reliable. We offer a complete selection of brake components, as well as hydraulic and electric options in a range of sizes to fit a variety of trailer axle sizes. 

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Dependable RV Trailer Brakes 

Standard electric RV brake assemblies are easier to install than hydraulic brakes, and a manual adjustment gives you more control over a self-adjusting brake assembly. Our standard electric brake assemblies implement an electric actuation system to safely stop your trailer. They are made to fit various hub sizes and axle capacities for many applications and are easy to adjust to your specific trailer.  
Forward self-adjusting RV brakes by Lippert are easier to install than hydraulic brakes, with no actuator or hydraulic lines. You never have to manually adjust these brakes after the initial adjustment, so you can safely brake during emergency and panic stops. They self-adjust during every forward stop, providing up to 50% better braking distance and preventing premature brake line and magnet wear. 
We also offer electric camper brake shoe and lining kits to help you get your travel trailer brakes back in business and back on the road in no time.