Lippert Solid Step for RV - RV step product imageLippert Solid Step for RV - RV step product image

Not All RV Steps Are Created Equal

Yes, these are manual, folding RV steps, but when compared to traditional travel trailer, 5th wheel, camper and motorhome steps, the similarities end there.

Whether you own a newer or older RV, getting in and out of unstable, bouncy or road-worn camping steps can be an adventure on its own. Not to mentioning worrying about kids or older travelers navigating a rickety, lopsided stair climb every time they need to go in and out of the RV.

Solid Step helps to restore the peace of mind you should have when it comes to your entryway trailer stairs. With the added stability and safety, you and your loved ones can feel as confident going up and down your RV steps as you do with your stairs at home.

What Our Customers Say about Solid Step

Robert N.Verified Buyer  |  5 star rating

R verified buyer 5 star reviewR verified buyer 5 star review

This unit was easy to install and works great.

William P.Verified Buyer  |  5 star rating

W verified buyer 5 star reviewW verified buyer 5 star review

Installation went well. The steps are great and do as advertised. The larger platform at the top makes it easier for entry with two large dogs trying to get into the 5th wheel or out.

Advantages of the Lippert Solid Step

Lippert Solid Step Extra Large Steps for RV Lippert Solid Step Extra Large Steps for RV

Extra-large Top Step

An extra-large, 13” deep top step adds stability when entering and exiting your RV.

Adjustable foot padsAdjustable foot pads

Adjustable Foot Pads

Adjustable foot pads help eliminate bounce and stabilize steps on uneven terrain.

Lippert Solid Step - Multiple configurations for camper stepsLippert Solid Step - Multiple configurations for camper steps

Available in Multiple Configurations

Available in Double, Triple or Quad configurations.

Lippert Solid Step stores inside RVLippert Solid Step stores inside RV

Stores Inside RV

Easily stores inside an RV entryway for protection against the elements.

The Only Step Loaded with All the Right Features

Plain and simple, Solid Step folding steps for RVs makes getting in and out of your RV easier, safer and more convenient — plus, storing it and lowering it for use is a breeze. It’s also one of the only step assemblies on the market that offers optional add-on accessories like the Entry Assist Handrail and Lift Assist Kit.

Measurements for Lippert Solid StepMeasurements for Lippert Solid Step

How to Measure for Solid Step

Two quick measurements are all you’ll have to take to find the right Solid Step for your RV.

  1. Measure the height from the ground to your entry door threshold.
  2. Measure inside edge to inside edge of your entry door frame — rounding up to the nearest even number. This will determine if you need the 26” or 30” Solid Step assembly.
    • 25” - 28.9” entry width = 26” Solid Step
    • 29” - 36” entry width = 30” Solid Step

Measuring for Solid Step Demonstration Video

Need more details on measuring your RV to ensure you purchase the right Solid Step? Watch this…

Entry Width
(Frame to Frame)
Door Sizes
(Rough Opening)
Part # Solid Step
2 22" - 28" 25" - 28.9" 29" - 36" 26" , 28" 30" , 32" , 34" 733931 733932 26" PREMIUM DOUBLE SOLID STEP30" PREMIUM DOUBLE SOLID STEP
3 27" - 36" 25" - 28.9" 29" - 36" 26" , 28" 30" , 32" , 34" 791572 791573 26" PREMIUM TRIPLE SOLID STEP30" PREMIUM TRIPLE SOLID STEP
4 35" - 44" 25" - 28.9" 29" - 36" 26" , 28" 30" , 32" , 34" 791574 791575 26" PREMIUM QUAD SOLID STEP30" PREMIUM QUAD SOLID STEP

Make It Your Own with Solid Step Accessories

With multiple add-on accessories ranging from handrails to storage boxes, Solid Step folding steps for RVs give you the freedom to upgrade your RV entry steps, whenever you want

Family walks down Solid Step stairsFamily walks down Solid Step stairs

Entry Assist Handrail for Solid Step

Have kids? Parents? Grandparents?

RV steps with a handrail provide additional safety that is well worth the upgrade, and Lippert’s Entry Assist Handrail is the ideal and affordable solution.

The Solid Step Entry Assist Handrail is the perfect accessory for any Generation 3 triple or quad Solid Step owner. The Solid Step Entry Assist Handrail gives you added support and safety when entering and exiting your RV.

DIY installation is quick and easy using the included handrail brackets, backing plate and hardware. The innovative design allows the handrail’s height to be adjusted up to five inches to accommodate an entry door width of up to 36 inches. Enjoy your journey, safely.

Lift Assist Kit for Solid Step

Need a lift?

In efforts to make one of our best products perform even better, we’ve added our gas strut, Lift Assist technology to our already one of a kind Solid Step stairs. Now, one kit is all it takes to get you in and out of your RV or trailer easier and safer than ever. With a single finger, campers of all ages and capabilities can lift their steps up and lower them down, effortlessly.

No more unfolding your camping steps. No more straining to lift them back into storage. Simply pull your trailer steps up or down and let the gas struts guide them into locking or ground position.

Lift Assist kit for Solid Step RV StepsLift Assist kit for Solid Step RV Steps
Storage box for Lippert Solid StepStorage box for Lippert Solid Step

Solid Step Storage Box

Now that your old steps are gone, why not gain some extra secure storage space?

The Solid Step Storage Box fits in the void created when traditional RV folding steps are replaced by the Lippert Solid Step. The storage box can be mounted onto the chassis of the trailer under the Solid Step assembly. The pre-assembled storage box is made of powder-coated steel, has a sealed lock and two keys. The box can hold items weighing up to 100 lbs.

Solid Step All-Weather Floor Tray

Life on the open road can get messy!

Stowing the Solid Step in its upright storage position can leave your RV’s floor vulnerable to falling dirt and water. The All-Weather Floor Tray neatly captures unwanted debris and keeps floors spick and span. It doubles as a handy place to store dirty shoes or to place pet dishes, stopping dirt and water from invading the RV living space.

All-weather floor tray for Solid StepAll-weather floor tray for Solid Step

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