SuperFlex RV Roof Kit - Various Colors (26' and Above)

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Get all the major supplies you need for your RV roof repair project from Lippert™.

Quick Facts:

  • Includes: (2) gallons of adhesive, (6) 30' rolls of Q130 Butyl Tape, (15) tubes of 1021 Self-Leveling Sealant, (2) tubes of 1010 Non-sag Sealant
  • For RVs 26' and above
  • Available in 4 color options: Beige, Almond, White and Gray
  • Designed to be stretchable for today’s complex roof designs
  • Roof membrane (TPO) sold separately
  • 8011 Adhesive is designed for a tenacious bond that is flexible
  • Q130 Non-Trimmable Butyl Tape is a versatile, high performance gasket tape
  • 1021 Self-Leveling Sealant and 1010 Non-Sag Sealant are formulated to withstand all weather conditions
  • 1-year warranty on adhesive, tape, and sealants

Trust the Name the Pros Use

When it comes to repairing and maintain your RV's roof, look no further than Alpha Systems. Exclusively distributed by Lippert™, the Alpha lineup of adhesives, sealants, tapes and roofing kits are specifically formulated to work together as a holistic system for your RV. That's why our SuperFlex roof kits are a DIYer's go to when it comes to repairing your RV's roof with a name you can trust. These RV roof patch kits supply you with all the major items you need for your next RV roof project.

SuperFlex roofing membranes are highly stretchable and conform to the contours of RV while staying clean, dust-free, and chalk-free. Plus, our quality roof membrane stays resistant to mold, algae, and fungus, and has excellent UV protection for a long, color-lasting life span. Our included adhesive bonds your roof to your RV for the long haul, and our butyl tape and sealants ensure protection from the elements wherever you park your RV.

What's Included

The SuperFlex roof kits come available in Gray, Beige, White and Almond color options and include: (2) gallons of adhesive, (6) 30' rolls of Q130 Butyl Tape, (15) tubes of 1021 Self-Leveling Sealant, (2) tubes of 1010 Non-sag Sealant. This kit is for RVs 26' and longer.

Everything You Need for Your RV, Under One Roof

With Alpha Systems, you get a holistic system of premium RV repair and maintenance products all designed to work together. From our self-leveling sealants to our butyl tapes, each Alpha product is carefully formulated in our labs and tested for superior performance. Our standard is to never settle for status quo. We’re constantly raising the bar, innovating and improving our family products, in every detail. That’s why RV manufacturers, dealerships and service technicians throughout the industry trust our name when it comes to giving their customer a product they can rely on. And better yet, all of our high-quality sealants, adhesives and tapes are made in the heart of RV country, right here in the USA.

Alpha Systems, trusted by the pros, formulated for your RV.


  • ALL INCLUSIVE — The Alpha Systems roof kit has everything you need to repair your RV's roof
  • FORMULATED FOR RVS — SuperFlex roof membrane is highly flexible and stretchable, a must for today’s RVs to be able to fit around the many contours of modern, complex roofs
  • RELIABLY DESIGNED — SuperFlex roofing is 10% thicker, has 220% higher tear resistance, and 500% more elongation than PVC RV Roofing
  • DURABILITY — Resistant to mold, algae, and fungus all colors provide excellent UV protection and a minimum 5% higher solar reflectivity after the initial 3 years
  • CUSTOMIZATION — Available in Beige, Gray, Almond and White to match your RV's aesthetic


  • ALPHABOND is a peel-and-stick adhesive
  • Prep the surface that ALPHABOND is to be applied to by wiping away any oil, dirt, moisture, or other contaminants
  • Peel back the clear release liner and apply pressure to the tape facer in order to activate adhesive bonding
  • A steel roller is recommended when applying to roofing membranes
  • No special safety requirements are needed. Consult the product SDS for detailed safety information


  • To install your SuperFlex roof membrane, you will need:
    • Alpha water-based adhesive #8010 or #8011 (included in kit)
    • Alpha Q130 Butyl Tape (included in kit)
    • Alpha #1021 self-leveling, and #1010 non-sag sealants (included in kit)
  • You will also need duct tape (2” minimum width), a paint roller or brush, squeegee, utility knife, and heavy-duty stapler
  • Optional: porous tape (masking or fiberglass mesh) for smoother seams
  • Note: do not use silicone, which will not adhere to the membrane, use Lippert-supplied sealants only


  • With SuperFlex roof membrane, normal maintenance is simple, easy, and requires no special materials
  • Periodic cleaning (three to four times per year) is the primary maintenance required
  • We recommend using a non-abrasive household cleaner such as dish soap, and a medium-bristled scrub brush
  • Do not use any harsh or highly abrasive products during routine cleaning
  • When finished cleaning, remember to thoroughly rinse the roof and sidewalls in order to remove any soap residue and to prevent streaking
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Brand Alpha Systems
Quantity In Package 1
Country of Origin USA
Unit of Measure EA
Warranty Term 1 Year

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