SureShade Sport Arms for Power Pontoon Bimini Top

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With our SureShade Sport Arms made for the power pontoon bimini top, you can take your boat to higher speeds while securing the bimini without the hassle of retracting it, allowing you to stay cool, safe and worry-free while you cruise.

Quick Facts:

  • Enables SureShade Power Bimini to remain extended at speeds up to 45mph*
  • Two available sizes: 32” and 36”
  • Made strong with durable anodized aluminum
  • Easy, DIY installation allows for quick setup
  • Quick detach hardware provides easy retraction and storage when not in use
  • Includes all required mounting hardware: two front support poles, two flip-locks and four screws
  • Compatible with SureShade Power Bimini tops (formerly PWR-ARM by Schwintek, Inc.)

* When traveling at high speeds while the Power Bimini is extended, always take current head winds into consideration.

Speed and Shade Without Sacrifice.

The addition of SureShade® Bimini Sport Arms for the SureShade® Battery Powered Bimini, allows for speeds up to 45mph, a 20mph increase, meaning you never have to choose between speed and shade again.

Providing safety and assisting with adequate coverage while cruising, the Bimini Sport Arms protect your pontoon bimini from being accidentally damaged while in the “up” position as your pontoon travels at high speeds. The anodized aluminum arms safeguard the top, allowing it to remain open and provide shade as your boat speed increases. When the Sport Arms aren’t needed, simply detach them from the hardware using our easy locking system and fasten them into the bimini frame using our convenient frame clips. The Sport Arms also provide a great way to replace your rear straps and keep your bimini up all the time, avoiding the hassle of taking it down and putting it up constantly.

In just a few easy steps, you can get ready to enjoy a shaded adventure in no time! Simply take some measurements of your boat, choose the suitable tube size, then attach the tubes to the front frame of your bimini. Installation is simple and can be completed in a short time, making preparation for your water-filled day effortless. Keep your top up while you pull tubes, skis, and more for an overall enjoyable boating experience.

With the SureShade Bimini Sport Arms, there’s no longer a need to sacrifice shade while you accelerate in your pontoon – stay protected and enjoy the ride as you take on each journey on the water.

Say Goodbye to Compromising.

  • SHADED ADVENTURES — You no longer have to negotiate between having shade and traveling at higher speeds* on the water. Enjoy both with peace of mind knowing that your SureShade Power Bimini (PWR-ARM) is protected.
  • ADAPTABLE – Two standard sizes are available: 32” and 36”. Some Biminis’ configurations may require the tubes to be modified for length by cutting to a specific size.
  • EASY INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE — The self-drilling, self-tapping installation method makes setup quick and simple. Quick detach hardware provides a convenient solution for putting the top down when it is not in use. All required mounting hardware is also included.
  • BUILT STRONG — The Sport Arms are constructed with durable anodized aluminum for added strength and resilience, protecting your bimini from damage as you use your pontoon in high gear.
  • MADE FOR POWER — Enjoy the thrill of pulling tubes, skis, and more without having to take your top down. Stay cool and covered while fully securing your bimini on your voyage.

*When traveling at high speeds while the Power Bimini is extended, always take the current head winds into consideration.

SureShade Power Bimini and Bimini Sport Arms:

SureShade Sport Arm for Power Bimini Installation:

More Information
Brand SureShade
What's Included Support Poles (2),Flip Lock (2),Screws (4)
Quantity In Package 1
Country of Origin USA
Material Type Aluminum
Hardware Type Arm/Support
Hardware Finish 2562860
Warranty Term 1 Year
Unit of Measure EA
Bimini Style Power - Hardwired

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