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Thomas Payne® RV Mattress & Bedding

Stop dreaming of a good night’s rest and upgrade your sleeping comfort with a Thomas Payne RV mattress and Thomas Payne bedding accessories. Our RV bedding collection ranges from ultra-cozy microfiber sheet sets to the one-and-only Thomas Payne mattress that delivers on comfort, coolness and convenience. No matter where the road takes you, you can count on Thomas Payne to get you there comfortably.

Thomas Payne RV Mattress

The cool, comfortable mattress solution.

Thomas Payne RV MattressThomas Payne RV Mattress

Could your camper mattress use an upgrade? We’ve designed our Thomas Payne mattresses to give you the kind of sleeping comfort you’d expect at home, and then some. Engineered with the same moisture-wicking materials used in athletic performance wear, our mattresses keep you cool and dry throughout the night, even when your body temperature goes up. Plus, it comes with a 10" dual foam layer for extra comfort — including a 1" memory foam layer infused with charcoal cooling gel. Every inch of this mattress is designed to give adventurers like you a great night’s sleep.

And better yet, our RV mattresses ship compressed, making it easy to install your mattress inside your camper! Available in narrow King, standard King, short Queen and standard Queen sizes, finding a fit for your rig is easy.

Backed by science. Made for you.

Our smart, temperature-controlled materials help you stay at that right body temperature all through the night. When your body heat goes up, our fabrics are triggered to cool it right back down.

temperature-controlled materialstemperature-controlled materials
Fiberglass-Free Top BarrierFiberglass-Free Top Barrier

Safe, Fiberglass-Free Top Barrier

All materials of our mattress are safe for the skin, including our Eco Flex, fiberglass-free top protective barrier.

Charcoal + Gel Memory Foam LayerCharcoal + Gel Memory Foam Layer

Charcoal + Gel Memory Foam Layer

The first layer of our mattress is 2.2 lb., 1” of memory foam infused with charcoal and cooling gel. These two materials work together to eliminate odors, increase air flow, control moisture, and regulate body temperature.

Comfort & SupportComfort & Support

Comfort & Support

The base of the mattress is fabricated from a 1.56 lb., 9” foam support layer to add the right amount of comfort needed for a restful night’s sleep.

Packaged for convenience.

All of our mattresses come compressed and double bagged in a box for protection and easy handling when moving through entry doors, around corners, or up the stairs — making setup a breeze!

convenient mattress packagingconvenient mattress packaging

Plus, you get Fast, Free, No-hassle delivery!

The cool, comfortable mattress solution.

Designed with the same intelligent, moisture-wicking materials used in athletic performance wear, our mattresses are engineered to react to your body — keeping you cool and dry, all through the night. And more importantly, all of our materials are safe for your skin — including our Eco Flex, fiberglass-free mattress barrier. Because unlike some of the top mattress brands on the market today, we don’t believe fiberglass should ever be included in your sleeping routine.

Thomas Payne RV Bedding

Spa-grade sheets and mattress protectors.

Microfiber sheetsMicrofiber sheets

Microfiber Sheets

Made with the same moisture-wicking materials as our Thomas Payne mattress, these spa-grade, ultra-soft sheets pull moisture and heat away from your body, for a cool, comfortable night’s sleep. Looking for sheets to fit your short Queen mattress? No problem. All of our sheets are made to fit the unique sizes of RV mattresses — no more searching high and low for the size you need.
Available in standard King, narrow King, Queen and short Queen sizes, you can rest easy knowing your sheets are designed with hypoallergenic materials safe for your skin and your RV.

Adjustable Sheets

With our adjustable RV bedding sheets, you’ll definitely find the right fit for your mattress. Available in King, Queen, Bunk and Three-Quarters sizes, our Thomas Payne adjustable sheets are made to properly fit the unique sizes of RV, 5th wheel, travel trailer and motorhome mattresses. The drawstring fitted sheet can be adjusted to fit your mattress tightly — plus, they’re made with the same ultra-soft, moisture-wicking materials as our standard sheets, for comfort and coolness all night long.

Adjustable sheetsAdjustable sheets
Mattress protectorMattress protector

Mattress Protector

Keep your RV’s bedding and mattress protected from spills, stains, pet dander, dust mites and other unwanted allergens with a Thomas Payne RV mattress protector. Made with a sheet-style design, our RV mattress coves offer a tight fit and they have breathable, waterproof materials that are hypoallergenic and PVC-free. This is a great way to add an extra layer of comfort and protection to your sleeping area while you’re camping.
All of our mattress protectors are available in King, narrow King, Queen and short queen sizes.

The Thomas Payne RV Furniture Collection

Thomas Payne Collection premium RV furniture by LippertThomas Payne Collection premium RV furniture by Lippert

Explore our line of premium RV furniture designed to refresh your RV’s interior with comfort, style and versatility. The Thomas Payne Collection by Lippert gives RV owners the ability to upgrade their worn or outdated furniture with seating and sleeping solutions made specifically for the RVing lifestyle.