Tire Linc RV tire pressure monitoring system Tire Linc RV tire pressure monitoring system

Tire Linc® Tire Pressure Monitoring System for RV & Trailer Applications

Real-time tire data that helps keep you safe on the open road. 

Always on and easy to install, our Tire Linc tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is engineered to deliver real-time tire status updates for trucks, travel trailers, 5th wheels, towed vehicles, large motor homes, utility trailers and more. With Tire Linc, you’ll have the tire pressure and temperature information you need to help you achieve better fuel efficiency, longer-lasting tires and most importantly, help prevent costly and dangerous tire blowouts before they occur. 

Tire Linc RV | Ideal for RV applications 


  • Actively monitors tire pressures and temperatures in real-time
  • Provides push notifications when hazardous conditions occur to prevent blowouts
  • Works seamlessly with the OneControl® RV app on iOS and Android devices
  • Connects wirelessly through your smartphone via Bluetooth® connection
  • Repeater technology strengthens wireless signal for reliable connectivity
  • Kit includes four sensors and can also monitor up to 20 tires simultaneously
  • Additional sensors are available for purchase for monitoring extra tires
  • Sensors come with CR1632 batteries (replaceable)
  • Repeater and dock assemblies included
  • Easy, do-it-yourself installation 

Tire Linc Auto | Ideal for enclosed, boat or gooseneck trailers

Tire Linc Auto offers the same great features as the RV version with a few enhancements for trailer towing applications.


  • Includes rechargeable lithium-powered battery for up to 60 hours of active use
  • Automatically enters low-power mode when not in motion to preserve battery
  • Can be permanently wired with provided splice-in wiring harness
  • IP67-rated construction is dustproof and waterproof up to one meter
  • Portable design allows use with multiple trailers  

Watch the video to see for yourself how the Tire Linc RV TPMS works.

Shop the Tire Linc System & Accessories 

Check out the Tire Linc TPMS for RV and automotive towing applications, extra sensors and the optional alert tech you need for peace of mind on the open road. 

Keeping You Safe on the Road

Let’s face it, when it comes to your truck, trailer or RV, keeping a constant eye on your tires is nearly impossible on the road. Assessing them before and after a trip is helpful, but knowing the status of your tires when you’re driving through the night, in inclement weather, on rough roads or even when you’re hauling longer trailers is difficult to do without constantly stopping and checking. 
Improper pressure and temperature can be bad for your tires and your gas mileage. Plus, the price of a single blown tire and rim can cost you up to $300 on average, and that’s without any other damages your RV can incur during a potentially disastrous and dangerous blowout event. 
That’s why investing in a reliable tire pressure and temperature monitoring system for your RV and tow vehicle isn’t just a nice aftermarket add-on — it can be a vital piece of safety equipment that helps keeps you, your family and your RV protected, mile after mile.

Intuitive Technology

Unlike other TPMS products on the market today, Tire Linc can send you notifications through the OneControl® app or the Tire Linc alert indicator (sold separately). With the OneControl app, you can receive tire notifications right to your phone. No need to take up extra space on your dash. And the best part is that this system is easy to install and allows you to monitor up to 20 tires simultaneously. 

Monitor up to 20 tires simultaneously

Larger Motorhomes with Tire Linc TPMSLarger Motorhomes with Tire Linc TPMS

Gooseneck Trailers

Larger Motorhomes with Tire Linc TPMSLarger Motorhomes with Tire Linc TPMS

Enclosed Trailers

Tire Linc TPMS for travel trailerTire Linc TPMS for travel trailer

Travel Trailers / 5th Wheel

Flat Towing a Jeep with Tire Linc TPMSFlat Towing a Jeep with Tire Linc TPMS

Large Motorhomes and Towed Vehicles

Lippert OneControl App on SmartphoneLippert OneControl App on Smartphone

OneControl Smart Technology

OneControl technology lets you control and monitor your many systems, all from the unit’s digital touchscreen or your smartphone.

Heads Up Monitoring 

The Tire Linc 2.5" handheld display eliminates the need to use your phone to keep an eye on your tires while on the road. This touchscreen display allows for heads up monitoring of your tire pressure, temperature and wheel sensor battery status without any messy wires, making it perfect for keeping an eye on your vehicle’s tires while driving. The handheld display is only compatible with the OneControl RV app. 

Tire Linc Monitor on DashboardTire Linc Monitor on Dashboard
Tire Linc Alert IndicatorTire Linc Alert Indicator

TireLinc® Alert Indicator

With the Tire Linc alert indicator, you can receive audio and visual notifications when your tires are outside of their designated pressure or temperature ranges without the OneControl app turned on. 

How does Tire Linc work?

Tire Linc comes complete with four tire sensors and batteries, repeater technology and dock assembly. The repeater technology sends readings from the tire sensors right to your phone — so you’re aware of what’s going on with your tires when cruising down the road.

How do I install Tire Linc? It’s seamless.

If your RV isn’t already prepped with a Tire Linc repeater dock, you’ll need to install this assembly near your tires (usually in a storage bay). Once installed, snap in the repeater. This technology boosts your wireless signal, so you receive real-time data inside your vehicle.


Want to know more about how to install the repeater dock? Here’s the Installation and Owner’s Manual.

Advanced technology.

Download the OneControl app on your smartphone, and follow the setup instructions. The app will guide you through how to connect your Tire Linc system to your phone, so you stay in the know. 

Download on the AppStoreDownload on the AppStore
Get it on Google PlayGet it on Google Play

Real-time tire monitoring system.

Simply remove your existing tire valve caps and replace them with our TPMS sensors. Using the OneControl app, set the recommended pressure and temperature ranges for each tire sensor, so your system knows when to alert you of changes. These sensors update your tire status several times each minute when you’re driving and every 15 minutes when parked. 

How do I install Tire Linc RV?

How do I install Tire Linc AUTO?

What our customers say

“It was easy to set up. Works well and was delivered quickly.”

Williams S. Verified Buyer

“Easy intall. Very accurate.”

Wayne M. Verified Buyer

“Installation was a breeze, partly because my RV was already wired for this system, partly because it really is that easy. I like that it continually monitors the pressures and temp of my tires and that with the alert indicator device lets me know if there is an issue without having to keep the app on my phone open. I also like how it syncs with the one control app, putting all your need to know info in one spot.”

Bruce W. Verified Buyer

“System works very good. Easy to install and configure. OneControl interface is a great tool and options to configure your setting works well. Very happy with my first TPMS system and glad I choose Lippert.”

Allen M. Verified Buyer

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