5th Wheel Pin Boxes

5th Wheel Pin Boxes

Our 5th wheel pin boxes are packed with strength and advanced technology to offer superior comfort and confidence when towing your heavy-duty trailer. We offer a variety of styles and weight capacity options to ensure the perfect complement to your 5th wheel trailer, including innovative designs like our cushioned, shock-absorbing kingpin boxes. If you're looking for solutions to 5th wheel chucking, read our guide for how to correct chucking.

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Rota-Flex CURT 5th wheel pin boxRota-Flex CURT 5th wheel pin box

Find a 5th Wheel Pin Box You Can Trust

A 5th wheel kingpin is a key component in your towing connection, and having the right pin box on your trailer is vital for ensuring the strength and reliability of that connection. Our pin boxes are engineered and tested for heavy-duty towing applications. They are constructed from high-strength steel, providing a rock-solid foundation. Most of our pin boxes are adjustable to fit your unique RV or other trailer, and they are available in a range of weight capacities.

To enjoy more comfort and control while towing your 5th wheel rig, we also offer shock-absorbing 5th wheel boxes, featuring built-in cushion isolators and shock-absorbers to reduce jerking, jarring and vibrations coming from the trailer.

Whether you’re pulling your 5th wheel camper across the country on another road trip adventure or towing machinery to the next jobsite, our 5th wheel pin boxes are built to go the distance and instill confidence with every mile.

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