5th Wheel Rails & Brackets

5th Wheel Rails & Brackets

5th wheel rails and brackets deliver a reliable solution for complementing the power of your 5th wheel hitch. Our rails are engineered with industry-standard mounting points to accept any industry-standard hitch, and our brackets are constructed from high-quality steel to ensure maximum strength and a dependable installation.

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5th wheel rails supporting hitch connected to pin box5th wheel rails supporting hitch connected to pin box

Confident 5th Wheel Installation

Knowing that your 5th wheel is securely mounted in your truck bed is vitally important to the success and enjoyment of your journey. Our industry-standard 5th wheel hitch rails are constructed and tested for strength, durability and ease of installation. They are equipped with industry-standard mounting points, meaning they are compatible with any 5th wheel hitch with industry-standard mounting points. The holes can accept legs, rollers or gooseneck adapter hitches. Furthermore, this design allows our base rails to accept any competitor 5th wheel hitch with industry-standard mounts.

Installation of a 5th wheel rail kit is secure and safe. We supply a variety of under-bed 5th wheel bracket options to fit each unique pickup truck, including models from major manufacturers like Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, Nissan, Ram, Toyota and beyond. Once installed, the rails and brackets together provide a dependable mounting platform for your 5th wheel hitch and allow for fast removal of the hitch whenever necessary.

To protect our 5th wheel rails from rust, scratches and chipping, we coat each one in a highly durable powder coat finish, co-cured with a liquid A-coat for industry-leading protection.

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