Towing Electrical

Towing Electrical

Empower your towing adventures with our complete line of towing electrical products. From brake controllers to vehicle-trailer wiring, the majority of our products are plug-and-play to eliminate the need for splicing, and all are built for long-lasting reliability.

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Plugging in towing electrical componentsPlugging in towing electrical components

Electrical Towing Products for Everyday Reliability

When it comes time to tow, CURT has the towing electrical products you need to get you down the road safely and securely. From towing harnesses and flat connectors to RV blade connectors, electrical adapters and breakaway kits for emergencies, CURT has the towing electrics you need to tow. 

CURT also has innovative towing electrics technology that can solve towing problems and streamline your towing experience. Products such as BetterWeigh™ eliminate guesswork and make towing a breeze. BetterWeigh connects to your smartphone to display your vehicle and trailer gross weight, as well as your tongue and pin weight in real time as you tow! 

Have you ever desired to monitor your trailer and vehicle tire pressure while on the road? Tire Linc® tire pressure monitoring system allows you to view the tire pressure on your truck and trailer in real time as you tow, preventing blow outs and improving gas mileage! 

CURT also is a leader in making great towing electrical products that last and don't break down when you need them. Our towing electrics products supply power for RV taillights, turn signals, electric trailer brakes, 12-volt batteries, reverse lights and brake lights, and are very important as you rely on them every day — a failure could cause a great deal of frustration. 

CURT towing electrical products are made with the highest quality to prevent breakdown and improve your towing experience, making towing straightforward, safe and hassle free! 

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