Electric Trailer Brake Controllers

Find a trailer brake controller for any job or budget. We carry time-based and proportional options, as well as advanced, smartphone-compatible and traditional plug-in solutions. Most of our brake controllers install with no splicing needed.

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CURT Echo Brake Controller Phone AppCURT Echo Brake Controller Phone App

Industry-Leading Trailer Brake Controllers

We offer a variety of industry-leading trailer brake controllers that will work for any towing application or budget. We offer proportional and time-based brake controller options, from traditional plug-in models to advanced, wireless brake controllers that work from your smartphone.   

If you're looking for a wireless solution that allows you to control your brakes from your smartphone, the CURT Echo® trailer brake controller is a Bluetooth-enabled brake controller device that wirelessly connects to your smartphone and allows you to control and monitor all trailer brake activity right from your own device. 

The Venturer™ and Discovery™ brake controllers are time-delay systems that easily plug into your vehicle's original equipment socket. These time-delay systems are compact and easy to set up and have an automatic power level adjustment feature that operates one to three axles at a time, meaning two to six brakes. 

The TriFlex™ and Assure™ brake controllers are proportional, plug-in systems that can manage up to eight brakes at a time. The feature that sets these proportional electric brake controllers apart is their triple-axis motion-sensing accelerometer. 

We also offer trailer brake controller testers that allow you to check your vehicle wiring for battery voltage, brake voltage and signal circuits. Simply plug the electric brake controller tester into any 7-way RV blade socket or any CURT brake controller quick plugs and test your brake controller before hitting the road! 

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