Trailer Breakaway Switch Kits

Trailer Breakaway Switch Kits

A trailer breakaway switch is designed to activate your trailer brakes in the event of a vehicle-trailer separation. Our trailer breakaway kits come with a battery, a trailer breakaway switch, a cable and a mountable carrying case for the battery. We also offer breakaway kit models with built-in battery testers.

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Trailer breakaway switchTrailer breakaway switch

Trailer Breakaway Kits You Can Trust

Nobody sets out on a trip expecting it, but the truth is, breakaways can happen. When a trailer becomes separated from the tow vehicle, everyone on the road is at risk. A trailer break away kit can help you be prepared. During a separation, the kit works with your trailer’s electric brakes to bring it to a stop much faster than it would on its own. This is done using an onboard battery attached to the trailer and a switch system connected to both the trailer and the vehicle, using a trailer breakaway cable. When the trailer becomes disconnected, the breakaway trailer switch is triggered and directs the battery power to the trailer brakes.

We offer a breakaway switch for trailers of all makes and models. Choose from several different styles to find the right breakaway systems for your needs. Shop rechargeable options, built-in tester models and more. We also offer all of the replacement components needed to keep your system operating at pique performance.

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