Trailer Plug Adapters

A trailer plug adapter offers a simple, reliable solution for bridging the connection between your vehicle and trailer if the connector types are different. We offer everything from 4-way flat to 7-way RV blade, as well as extension harnesses and OE connector options.

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Plugging in 7-Wire Trailer ConnectorPlugging in 7-Wire Trailer Connector

Keep Connected with a Trailer Plug Adapter

There are many types of trailer wiring harnesses and connector plugs, and eventually you may need to tow a trailer with a different trailer wiring harness than your tow vehicle. A trailer plug adapter will help you solve this wiring issue. 

Our trailer wiring adapters will allow you to convert plugs and harnesses that are otherwise incompatible. Our trailer light adapter makes a reliable connection between mismatched trailer plugs and vehicle sockets.  

Our dinghy trailer wiring adapters will allow you to flat tow a vehicle with a 4-flat plug using a vehicle with a 6-way round socket. If you're dinghy towing behind your RV, we also have a solution for that! Our 4-way flat trailer wiring adapter works with 7-way RV blade sockets. Simply plug the adapter into place and go! 

We offer an array of adapters to accommodate most types of plugs and sockets, and include 4-way flat, 4-way round, 5-way flat, 6-way round, 7-way RV blades and more. Our adapters are ideal for making differing trailer wiring harnesses work together. Simply find the trailer plug adapter that works between your trailer and tow vehicle, plug in and tow! 

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