Trailer Wiring Extension Harnesses

A trailer wiring extension harness provides the perfect way to route a 7-way RV blade connector from the back of your pickup into the truck bed for towing goosenecks, 5th wheels and other heavy-duty trailers. You can plug into your existing 7-way truck trailer wiring harness or branch off to retain use of both sockets for all-around ease and convenience.

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Plugging in 7-Way Extension Harness WiringPlugging in 7-Way Extension Harness Wiring

We Have the Trailer Wiring Extensions You Need

A trailer wiring extension is a great way to increase the length of your wiring harness when routing a connection from your pickup to your RV.

We offer trailer wiring extension harnesses for a variety of harnesses with differing connection types, such as a 7-way RV blade sockets, 6-way round sockets, and 4-flat or 5-flat plugs.  

Our trailer wiring extensions with 6-way round sockets are designed to create an extended connection between a dinghy-towed vehicle and an RV. CURT 7-way blade harness extensions are ideal for RV applications and plug into a factory USCAR outlet.

In the case that the connection between your vehicle and trailer isn't the same, CURT makes adapters for trailer wiring extensions with unique connections. Our 7-way RV blade vehicle to 4-way flat trailer and 7-way RV blade to 4-way round socket are a perfect way to tow a dinghy, RV or trailer with differing connections than your truck.

Our trailer wiring extensions are made with high-quality, UV-resistant, coiled cable that extends up to 8' without scraping the ground and are built to last for many adventures.  

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