Vehicle & Trailer Wiring

Vehicle & Trailer Wiring

Vehicle-trailer wiring allows you to outfit your towing setup with standard connectors for plugging in your trailer. We offer plugs, sockets, adapters, converters, extension harnesses and more in a variety of standard formats, including 4-way, 5-way, 6-way and 7-way.

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Plugging trailer wiring into truckPlugging trailer wiring into truck

A Reliable Trailer Wiring Connection

A reliable electrical connection to your trailer is essential for safe, successful towing. That is why we offer a comprehensive vehicle and trailer wiring line. Whether you’re setting up your vehicle to tow for the first time or you simply need to replace damaged components, we provide the right solution to get you back to the adventure.

Our custom wiring harnesses or “T-connectors” are a vehicle-specific option and the ideal solution for outfitting your vehicle to tow. These harnesses come with vehicle-specific plugs to fit OEM connectors on your vehicle, easily “T-ing” into the electrical system and providing a standard socket. Each custom harness is specifically made for a unique year, make and model.

We also offer splice-in vehicle-trailer wiring options, whether you need to install new or replace the old. Choose from trailer-side plugs or vehicle-side sockets. Also shop our adapters to make sure your new wiring is fully tested for the road ahead.

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