Flat Towing

Flat Towing

Flat towing a vehicle behind a truck or RV is safe, secure and easy with our flat towing products. From tow bars and hitches, to accessories and more, we have everything you need to hitch up your vehicle and flat tow or dinghy tow it wherever the adventure leads!

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Flat towing bars hooked up to RV and JeepFlat towing bars hooked up to RV and Jeep

Flat Towing Made Easy

When camping, having an extra vehicle is a huge convenience and flat towing is the easiest way to bring an extra vehicle along. We have everything you need for flat towing, or dinghy towing, a vehicle along on your RV adventures.

In order to dingy tow, you will first need a camper hitch installed on the RV and tow bar for the tow vehicle. CURT tow bars are made for a wide variety of vehicles and work with CURT RV receivers and wiring harnesses to help you dinghy tow a car, truck or SUV with ease.

Be sure to note that specific vehicles work with specific tow bars and camper hitches, so you must ensure that your RV hitch and tow bar works with your RV and tow vehicle in order to prevent issues.

Before dinghy towing, select the correct parts by searching the vehicle year, make and model. If you are flat towing with a tow dolly, then a tow bar will not be needed.

Dinghy towing also requires the tow bar to be within 3" in height from the RV receiver hitch in order to ensure a safe, stable tow.

Dinghy wiring harnesses are also required to ensure safe driving when flat towing, so be sure to have a dinghy harness installed on your RV in order to synchronize and connect the dinghy lights with the RV before you dinghy tow.

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