Tow Bars

Tow Bars

Wherever the road takes you, our tow bars are engineered to help you enjoy your freedom and experience peace of mind. Built strong for your truck, Jeep, SUV or car, each flat tow bar is tough, easy to use and highly tested for safety to give you a confident connection that can keep up with your lifestyle.

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Man attaching CURT tow bars to baseplateMan attaching CURT tow bars to baseplate

Advanced Tow Bars for Easy Flat Towing

Flat towing is a convenient way of having an extra vehicle when camping and traveling. CURT has the tow bars you need in order to dinghy tow a car, truck or SUV behind your RV. RV tow bars work by pivoting side to side when pulling a vehicle behind your RV and gently contract through turns, bumps and maneuvers to ensure a smooth, jerk-free and tranquil tow. A tow dolly can also be used for dinghy towing in place of an RV towing bar. 

CURT offers two types of tow bars: the universal, which attaches your RV hitch to your vehicle bumper, and the Rambler™, which is engineered for smooth non-binding operation and easy portability. The tow bar is the most important piece of hardware for flat towing your vehicle, as it connects the RV hitch to your vehicle. 

Your towing bar will also need a base plate, which works with specific vehicles and base plates. To select the right bar, look up your vehicle by its year, make and model and make sure the bar and base plate work with your vehicle. If you are flat towing with a tow dolly, a base plate will not be needed. 

Your RV will also need a receiver in order to use a tow bar. When flat towing a vehicle, the towing bar should be nearly level and the RV hitch height must be within three inches of the tow bar base plate for safe towing.  

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