Trailer Hitch Adapters & Extenders

Need more room for a bumper or spare tire? A hitch extender adds clearance for an unobstructed connection. Our hitch adapters allow you to use a ball mount or other hitch accessory with different shank sizes, and we also offer a variety of sleeve hitch adapter options to increase or decrease the receiver size.

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Hitch adapters and extendersHitch adapters and extenders

Extend Your Hitch & Adapt to Any Trailer

Whether you need to give your ball mount and trailer coupler a little extra room, or you're trying to fit a big cargo carrier onto the back of your vehicle, we offer a variety of hitch extenders and adapters to make things simple.

Our hitch extensions are simple and easy to use. They slide into your existing receiver and add a few extra inches of clearance for tow loads or cargo accessories. You can extend the overall length of your trailer hitch in seconds, avoiding damage to your vehicle and trailer or any hitch accessories installed on your system. Shop lengths from as little as 4” to two feet and beyond to get the exact amount of clearance you need.

Our hitch adapters are a diverse collection, making hitch up easier, whether you need more drop, more rise or a larger or smaller receiver size. If the existing receiver hitch on your vehicle is too large or too small to fit a new accessory, a hitch receiver adapter can easily accommodate and form a reliable connection. If your receiver tube is too high or too low for your trailer, we also have adapter products that will make up the difference. Also shop our specialty hitch adapters to add an extra receiver!

All hitch extenders and adapters are available in standard receiver sizes, including 1-1/4", 2", 2-1/2" and even 3”. They are constructed from high-strength steel and have a tough black powder coat finish to protect against corrosion and ensure long-lasting dependability. Also choose from a variety of weight capacity options. Note that your towing capacity is always limited by your lowest-rated towing component, including your vehicle.

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