Adjustable Hitch Ball Mounts

An adjustable hitch ball mount is the ultimate solution for towing different types of trailers, providing easy vertical adjustment for level towing. These adjustable trailer hitch mounts are perfect for lifted pickup trucks, SUVs and other large vehicles. They deliver confident towing and are available with multiple coupling attachments. Looking for guidance? See our complete guide to adjustable trailer hitches.

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Adjustable hitch Rebellion XD by CURT coupled to QuickPinAdjustable hitch Rebellion XD by CURT coupled to QuickPin

Powerful Height Adjustment for Any Trailer

Don't be held back by your hitch. With an adjustable drop hitch, you can adjust the height of your towing connection so that it suits the trailers you tow and the jobs you’re doing. Whether you've got a lifted truck, or you're hauling a heavy load, we have an option that adapts to each and every situation.

If you're towing with a pickup truck or lifted truck, one of the best hitch options is a CURT adjustable ball mount. These mounts are engineered for versatility, providing multiple holes for incremental adjustments and precise leveling. Most of them can also be flipped to maximize drop or rise.

We also carry adjustable pintle hitch options to increase versatility with additional trailer types. The pintle ball and hook combo can connect to a traditional coupler, lunette eye or drawbar. The drop-pin design provides more ground clearance than fixed hitches that are permanently welded in place.

Many of our adjustable ball hitches are also compatible with a variety of extra accessories, as well as replacement components, including dual balls, pintle hitch attachments, hitch steps, trailer ball tongue mounts and more.

Level towing is important for any vehicle-trailer setup, which is why CURT adjustable trailer hitch ball mounts give you such easy vertical adjustment. They're perfectly suited for large vehicles, including any pickup truck, Jeep or SUV. Our drop hitches, channel mounts and adjustable trailer hitch ball mounts give you the power to choose the right equipment for your next big job or adventure.

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