Anti-Rattle Hitch Pins & Clamps

Enjoy a smoother, quieter towing experience with an anti-rattle hitch pin or clamp. Our anti-rattle hitch pins have a threaded shank to tighten down on the ball mount and keep it from vibrating in the receiver. Our anti-rattle hitch clamps can be used with a hollow or solid shank, preventing annoying rattle in your towing connection.

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Tow with Less Rattle, Vibration & Noise

Our anti-rattle hitch products ensure a quieter ride when towing your trailer. Our anti-rattle clamp quickly stops vibrating and noise. This anti-rattle hitch clamp is easy to use with no tools required and has a simple, clamp-style lever that allows for fast, convenient installation and is easily adjustable to ensure a snug fit.

Our anti-rattle hitch clamp kits are designed to fit standard receiver hitches and can be used with both hollow and solid shanks. The anti-rattle hitch clamp is quick to install — simply slip it over the shank of the ball mount, insert the hitch into the receiver, secure the u-bolt behind the collar, tighten down and clamp for a quiet towing experience.

CURT anti-rattle hitch pin and shim kits help prevent a rattling ball mount, cargo carrier, bike rack or other hitch-mounted accessory. They are designed to fit a variety of standard receivers. The anti-rattle hitch pin kit is comprised of a threaded pin and shim. The shim inserts into the towing accessory shank and can then be installed into the receiver. Then, the threaded hitch pin inserts into the side of the receiver and gets tightened down with a wrench. 

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