Trailer Hitch Pins

A trailer hitch pin provides a reliable, solid connection for securing your ball mount on your receiver. We offer standard diameters of 1/2" and 5/8", as well as adapter pins to fit multiple receiver tube sizes. Our swivel pins offer a unique option, featuring a built-in hitch pin clip to avoid loss. Need help finding the right size? Check out our complete guide to hitch pin sizes!

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Install Rubber-Coated Hitch Pin from CURTInstall Rubber-Coated Hitch Pin from CURT

Hitch Pins Made for Secure Towing

We have the trailer hitch pins and clips you need for towing – simply line up the holes with your receiver and shank, insert the pin, install the hitch pin clip and go. Our swivel hitch pins feature a permanently built-in pin that cannot be lost – simply swivel the pin to lock it in place. It comes in 1/2" and 5/8" diameters to fit virtually all standard receiver sizes.

Choose from a wide variety of finishes and features to find the right fit for your towing setup. We offer stainless steel and carbon steel with clear zinc or black zinc. Choose a traditional pin hole end for clip attachment or grooved for easy clip attachment from any angle. For improved handling and comfort, our rubber grip hitch pins feature a large, extra-wide rubber-coated handle compared to traditional trailer hitch pins.

For securing your coupler latch, jack leg and pintle hook, our safety pins feature a square retainer wire clip that provides a quick latch for added clearance, and our pin and lanyard work with CURT couplers to secure the coupler to a trailer ball, helping to avoid lost pieces.

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