Pintle Hooks

Commonly used in the construction and agricultural industries, a pintle hook is the ultra-tough towing solution, featuring a drop-forged steel construction and durable powder coat finish. Multiple pintle capacities and vertical load capacities are available to choose from, as well as plate-mount and receiver-mount options.

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CURT Receiver Mount Pintle Hook 2.5 ShankCURT Receiver Mount Pintle Hook 2.5 Shank

Hook Hitches Made for Heavy-Duty Towing

We have the pintle hook hitch selection you need for heavy-duty towing. Commonly used for agricultural and industrial towing, our tow hook hitches feature drop-forged steel construction and are available in capacities as high as 60,000 lbs. and vertical loads as much as 12,000 lbs.  

A pintle tow hook provides the benefit of towing with increased range of movement and is perfect for towing a trailer on unpaved roads or uneven terrain. In agricultural, industrial and even military applications, hook hitches are reliable because of their heigh weight capacity, simple design and greater range of movement when towing off-road. 

Available in varying pintle and load capacities, CURT tow hooks are available as plate-mounted or receiver-mounted options, and come with a heavy-duty, durable black powder coat finish. We have a wide variety of pintle hitches and pintle-style products to give you a complete solution for your heavy-duty towing needs. 

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