Lunette Rings

A lunette ring provides a solid connection to your pintle hitch. They feature a strong, forged steel construction and have a standard inside diameter of 2-1/2" or 3". To ensure the perfect fit for you truck and trailer, lunette ring hitches are available in channel-mount, plate-mount and other styles.

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CURT SecureLatch Channel-Mount Lunette RingCURT SecureLatch Channel-Mount Lunette Ring

Lunette Rings Offer Versatility & Robust Strength

Our lunette rings provide maximum versatility when towing heavy-duty agricultural or industrial trailers. The forged steel ring works to provide maximum articulation and movement when towing on uneven, rough or off-road terrain.  

We have the lunette ring hitch you need for any application. Our wide variety of lunette ring hitches provide differing styles and functions for different purposes. Our lunette rings come in 2-1/2" or 3" and are available in channel-mounted or flush-mounted styles that are rated to tow up to 60,000 lbs.

Our line-up of channel-mounted lunette rings work to quickly adjust your ring hitch to the correct height for improved leveling and make hitching up to a pintle hook or ball combination easy. Our channel mount lunette eye kits are available with up to 11-3/4" of range.

The CURT SecureLatch lunette ring and channel hitch offers maximum versatility and extra security. Its channel-mount design is perfect for adjusting the height of the lunette ring and can be adjusted up to 11-3/4". Its integrated locking pin has holes in the bottom to accept a padlock and works to deter theft, making for a highly adjustable, secure and robust lunette ring hitch.

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