Receiver Hitch Accessories

Receiver Hitch Accessories

Receiver hitch-mount accessories are a great way to upgrade your vehicle and towing system. They can be used on the front or rear receiver. We offer covers to protect the receiver tube, steps for accessing the hood or cargo area, winch mount options, spare tire carriers and much more.

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Receiver hitch accessories including a step attachmentReceiver hitch accessories including a step attachment

Functional, Reliable Hitch Accessories

For increased functionality a hitch step gives you a helpful step up on the front or rear of the vehicle, whether you’re working under the hood, reaching up to access the roof rack or stepping up into the cargo area.

For offroading vehicles, our receiver-mounted skid shield is a handy addition, helping to protect the hitch, bumper and rear of the vehicle from rough terrain and obstacles. You can also keep the inside of your receiver hitch clean and well-maintained with one of our hitch tube covers.

You can also use your hitch receiver to attach some useful accessories with our mounting options like the spare tire mount and winch mount.

Our hitch accessories maximize the usefulness of your tow vehicle and give you an added edge on or off the road. They are the perfect way to make your vehicle the ultimate towing machine and add a variety of towing possibilities. Virtually all of our trailer hitch accessories can be mounted on the front or rear receiver, and most come with a 2” x 2” shank to fit any industry-standard class 3, 4 or 5 hitch.

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