Trailer Hitch Covers

A hitch cover keeps your receiver clean and protected when not in use, safeguarding it against water, dirt and other debris. A rusty, dirty receiver can make installation of a hitch accessory stressful and even impossible. Our trailer hitch covers keep you towing smoothly. They’re available for all standard receiver sizes and come in three material options.

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Easy-to-Install Rubber Hitch CoverEasy-to-Install Rubber Hitch Cover

Hitch Covers Add Utility & Protection

Hitch covers keep your receiver clean and protected and can also provide unique features and utility to the rear of your vehicle. Our trailer hitch covers come in a variety of styles and include standard rubber hitch covers, which work to seal the receiver and prevent dirt and water from entering, to accessories that add extra protection and style. 

The CURT 2" rubber hitch tube cover with 4-way flat holder is perfect for sealing your hitch from the elements and holding your trailer harness connection. 

For off-road applications, the CURT hitch-mounted skid shield is perfect and works as a skid plate to help to prevent your rear end from dragging on rocks or debris. 

Our hitch-mounted license plate holder allows you to relocate your license plate. Simply mount the relocation holder in the truck hitch receiver and go. 

If you're looking for a hitch receiver cover that protects and looks sharp, our black and chrome steel truck hitch cover will add a nice touch to your receiver when an accessory or ball mount is not being used.  

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