Multi-Fit Adjustable Receiver Hitches

When a custom option isn't available, we have you covered with our adjustable receiver hitches that are universally designed to fit vehicles of various makes and models. Most require little or no drilling for installation, providing a reliable, simple and convenient alternative to a custom fit.

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Adjustable receiver hitch on 2021 Jeep Grand CherokeeAdjustable receiver hitch on 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee

A Universal Hitch Option

Designed to be the ultimate in versatility, our multi-fit hitches fit a variety of domestic and foreign vehicle makes and models, including Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Jeep, Nissan, Ram, Toyota and more. Most multi-fit trailer hitches are equipped with a sliding frame to allow the width of the hitch to be adjusted to the specific frame of your vehicle. They are generally designed for mid-size and full-size pickup trucks, SUVs and vans.

Shop adjustable receiver hitches in a variety of towing capacities to complement your unique vehicle make and model. We offer weight carrying capacities as high as 16,000 lbs., as well as multiple standard receiver tube sizes, including 1-1/4” and 2”. Multi-fit hitches are great for towing many different types of trailers – everything from small utility trailers and boat trailers, to heavy equipment haulers and campers (capacity limited to lowest rated towing component).

All of our adjustable receiver hitches come with mounting hardware and instructions, and there is typically little or no drilling required for the install. The hitch frame mounts directly onto the frame of your vehicle using a few basic tools. Each hitch model also comes with a durable powder coat finish to long outlast the elements and rigors of the road.

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