RV Hitches

An RV hitch gives you more freedom on every adventure, equipping you to haul whatever you need for your trip. RV hitches are perfect for attaching a cargo carrier or bike rack, and they can also be used for flat towing or dinghy towing a car behind your RV. We offer multiple options, including an adjustable frame-mounted style and a bumper-mounted style.

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RV hitch holding extra bike rackRV hitch holding extra bike rack

A Confident RV Towing Connection

An RV hitch is the simple, reliable way to add more cargo space to your camper. These hitches are designed to mount onto the back of your RV, bolting onto the frame or bumper and providing a highly versatile receiver tube. Choose from various sizes and capacities to perfectly suit your towing needs.

Our RV hitches can be used to attach a cargo carrier, bike rack or other cargo accessory, or they can accept a ball mount to tow a trailer. Whether you’re bringing the boat, the ATVs, the personal watercraft or just more camping gear, this versatile hookup does it all.

An RV hitch is also a must-have for dinghy towing or flat towing your car behind your RV. The multi-functional receiver can accept the shank of a tow bar or a ball mount to couple to a tow dolly.

To promote long-lasting resistance to the outdoor elements, our RV trailer hitches are covered in a highly durable powder coat finish. This helps protect them against damage from rain, road grime and UV rays, with each new mile.

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