Tow Hooks & Straps

Tow Hooks & Straps

Shop a variety of high-strength tow hook options to get a reliable anchoring point for vehicle recovery and straight-line towing applications. Our growing line of tow hooks, tow straps and accessories delivers a gateway to solid, dependable towing, wherever the adventure takes you, on or offroad.

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CURT D-Ring Shackle Mount with Tow StrapCURT D-Ring Shackle Mount with Tow Strap

Tough, Dependable Tow Hooks

For straight-line towing and vehicle recovery towing, we offer multiple tow hook options. Our bumper-mounted hooks bolt onto the vehicle bumper and are a common offroad accessory for pickup trucks, SUVs, Jeeps and 4x4s. Made with forged, heat-treated steel, these hooks provide highly functional capacity and are available in various finish options.

We also offer a number of hitch-mounted tow hooks that utilize your receiver hitch. We offer forged hook mounts, tow strap mounts, as well as ball mount and tow hook combinations. Receiver-mount hooks are perfect for everything from full-size pickup trucks to ATVs. They come in a variety of durable finishes, including our carbide black powder coat to provide corrosion, scratch and UV resistance.

Be sure to complement your new hook with a vehicle recovery strap. These straps are made from high-strength nylon and can be used in conjunction with a tow hook or tow strap mount. They feature an impressive gross vehicle weight capacity and come with looped ends for easy attachment. A vehicle recovery strap is more compact than rope and stronger and lighter than chain, making it easy to manage and convenient to store in your vehicle.

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