Trailer Couplers

Trailer Couplers

With our full range of trailer coupler options, you can find the perfect style and weight capacity to suit your trailer. From straight-tongue and A-frame to highly adjustable, heavy-duty channel mount, our extensive collection features innovative and reliable designs that deliver simple, safe, hassle-free trailer coupling. Discover the revolutionary CURT QuickPin™ No-Latch Trailer Coupler

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Couple Your Trailer with Confidence

Whatever you're towing, we have a trailer tongue coupler to fit your lifestyle. Straight-tongue couplers are one of the most common types and are popular for use as boat trailer couplers. With a mounting channel designed to fit onto a trailer tongue, these couplers are easy to install. They are made from strong steel construction and have a durable finish to resist corrosion. We carry straight-tongue couplers in a range of weight capacities and for all standard ball diameters.

A-frame trailer couplers are designed to mount onto A-frame trailers. An A-frame trailer is one with a tongue that meets in an A shape at the front end. A-frame couplers are generally rated higher than straight-tongue, making them especially common for RVs and travel trailers.

Providing the highest weight capacity and the most versatility, adjustable channel mount couplers are a unique heavy-duty option for your trailer. This type of coupler securely bolts onto the trailer and uses a channel to allow for easy height adjustment. Channel-mount couplers are available in various sizes and styles.

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