Safety Chain Hooks & Links

Safety Chain Hooks & Links

Our safety chain hooks and links offer a reliable connection for securing your trailer and cargo. Our clevis hooks feature an exclusive design and are available with safety latches. We also offer grab hooks, certified S-hooks, snap hooks, quick links and joining links.

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Safety chain hooks attaching trailer to carSafety chain hooks attaching trailer to car

Confident Trailer Hookup

Shop a variety of hooks and links to get the connection you need for your vehicle-trailer setup. Choose from S-hooks, clevis hooks, snap hooks, quick links and more to make sure you have the confidence to safely tow your trailer.

S-hooks are the easy, reliable way to connect your safety chains from your trailer to your tow vehicle. They help provide a backup connection for your hitch and coupler, and the intuitive S-shape allows them to be easily attached or detached as needed. Our S-hooks are tested and certified to meet SAE J684 specifications.

We also offer clevis hooks for a heavier-duty safety chain connection. Our clevis hooks are constructed from high-strength steel and are fully tested to meet the requirements for heavy-duty chain. They’re ideal for connecting safety chains on large trailers or fastening heavy equipment with binder chains or straps.

Shop our snap hooks and quick links for a convenient connection with extra security. The spring-loaded latch on our snap hooks helps keep them fastened in place, despite jerking and jarring from the road, while our quick links feature a threaded end for even greater security. These hooks are ideal for fastening everything from trailer chains and cargo straps, to ropes, cables and winch straps.

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