Snap Hooks

A snap hook is perfect for fastening straps, ropes, chains, cables and other tie-downs, and is especially useful for hand winch straps. Our snap hooks range in capacity from 2,000 lbs. up to 5,000 lbs., feature patented designs, and are constructed with high-strength steel a bright zinc finish for optimum durability.

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CURT snap hooks attached to trailer safety chains and hitchCURT snap hooks attached to trailer safety chains and hitch

Snap Hooks Make Coupling Easy!

If you own a trailer, you know that it's essential to keep the load secure. When you’re hauling precious cargo, there’s no room for weak, low-quality components, and that’s why our snap hooks are as strong and reliable as they are easy to use.

Snap hooks are the fast, easy and secure way to connect your tiedowns, whether you’re hooking up your safety chains to your hitch or tying down cargo with a strap or rope. Our snap hooks are also great for chains and cables too! Each is made from high-strength steel and shielded in a zinc-plated finish, giving them the durability and longevity they need to survive the outdoor elements.

Each snap hook also has an integrated spring latch that automatically pops back into the lock position after hooking it in place, giving it that iconic “snap” by which it gets its name. The spring clip keeps the latch and the hook itself securely in place over rough roads and many miles, yet it’s so easy to use and disconnect whenever needed.

Shop a variety of sizes and weight capacities to find the right snap hook for fastening your straps, chains, ropes, cables and everything in between.

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