Electric Trailer Jacks

An electric trailer jack provides convenience by allowing you to lift and lower your trailer at the push of a button and is a must-have for anyone who wants to simplify the process of hitching and unhitching their trailer. Our electric trailer jacks are made in a variety of styles and offer competitive weight capacities.

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Electric Trailer Jacks for Simplified Stabilization 

The Power tongue jack is a game-changer for A-frame trailers. Say goodbye to manual effort as you effortlessly lower and raise your trailer with auxiliary power. Enjoy enhanced visibility during nighttime operations with four LED lights illuminating your coupler. This electric trailer tongue jack boasts a 3,500 lb. lift capacity, helical-cut gears for smooth and quiet operation and a textured casing for added protection. 
With our Smart Jack, you can experience hassle-free lifting and lowering of your A-frame trailer with a simple push of a button. The auto-hitch memory function even remembers your trailer's ideal hitch height. The backlit control panel on this electric trailer jack ensures effortless operation, while integrated LED lights illuminate your coupler for nighttime use. Stay informed with the battery indicator and monitor your RV battery life. 
Our Power Stance tongue jack has the same exceptional features as our original Power tongue jack. What sets it apart is the groundbreaking 2-way to 7-way plug powering system. With the Power Swap Auxiliary Cord™, you can effortlessly connect your jack directly to your tow vehicle, preserving your RV power. This electric jack for trailers also comes with an integrated safety chain storage ring and a storage inlet for your 7-way connector, adding to its practicality. 

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