Trailer Locks

Trailer Locks

A trailer lock promotes confidence on any adventure, giving your trailer reliable protection when it is parked and left unattended. No matter where your journey leads you – to the boat landing, campground, jobsite or beyond – our trailer coupler locks ensure that your trailer is safe and secure any place, any time.

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Lock Your Trailer with Confidence

We offer several styles of trailer locks to ensure the right fit for each particular setup, including traditional coupler locks, tongue locks and alternative options, like wheel chock locks.

Our traditional coupler locks use a locking pin that passes through the coupling mechanism and secures it against unwarranted operation. This means you can lock your trailer whether it’s coupled to your vehicle or unhooked and parked. Shop multiple coupler lock styles to find the perfect solution for your needs and preferences, including barbell, deadbolt, right-angle, padlock and more.

To prevent unwanted hookup of your trailer, we also offer a range of trailer tongue locks. These models mount over the tongue in such a way that a trailer ball is prevented from being inserted into the coupler. This deters anyone from hitching up and driving off with your trailer, giving you more confidence when leaving your trailer unattended, such as at the campsite, boat landing or at a rest stop.

Choose from a variety of sizes, materials and finish options to find a lock that best suits your trailering needs.

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