Trailer Wheel & Axles

Trailer Wheel & Axles

Protect your trailer with wheels, tires and axles that have the longevity to last through many travels. Our single and tandem trailer axle kits and assemblies are built tough and are equipped to handle life on the road, whether you’re using your trailer for work or play. Upgrade your trailer with heavy-duty parts that will last! 

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Lippert trailer wheels and axlesLippert trailer wheels and axles

Trailer Wheels & Axle Replacements You Can Trust 

Lippert has been supplying axles to both the RV industry and the utility trailer parts industry since 2005. With superior engineering and innovative technology, Lippert has ascended among the top in axle quality and durability. Our axle assemblies and components are traceable down to the exact production run and original lot number, giving us optimum product visibility and serviceability. 
From our popular Equa-Flex and Road Armor systems to air suspension solutions, Lippert is also a leader in trailer suspension upgrades and technology. We also offer spring kits, hanger kits, attaching parts (AP) kits and other hardware necessary for installation or repair.  
Lippert trailer wheel parts, like bearings, hubs and brakes, let you travel smoothly and confidently, knowing the quality of your trailer components will keep you safe for the long haul. We offer trailer wheel hubs, wheel bearing components and trailer brakes in a variety of sizes to accommodate a complete range of trailer axle capacities.