Trailer Suspension Parts

Enjoy a smoother, more comfortable ride with Lippert’s complete selection of trailer suspension parts. From our popular Equa-Flex and Road Armor systems to air suspension solutions, Lippert is a leader in trailer suspension upgrades and technology. We also offer spring kits, hanger kits, attaching parts (AP) kits and other hardware necessary for installation or repair. 

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Lippert Road ArmorLippert Road Armor

Trailer Suspension Upgrades for a Smooth Ride

Trailer suspension parts and upgrades can make you feel more comfortable on the road while helping to eliminate trailer and cargo damage by dampening road shock and vibrations.  
Engineered to obtain maximum absorption, our Road Armor™ shock-absorbing trailer equalizer kit was designed to offer trailer owners a superior suspension enhancement solution as an easy aftermarket upgrade. It’s a great substitute for torsion axles that will enable you to travel confidently. 
The EquaFlex® rubberized equalizer dramatically reduces fore and aft movement when installed on your rig. It also delivers a ride as smooth as torsion axles at a fraction of the cost. 
Another affordable trailer suspension upgrade is the Center Point® system. Also designed to absorb road shock, it’s a breeze to install and dramatically improves your experience with less trailer sway. 
If you’re in need of more trailer suspension parts, consider upgrading your shocks, axle hanger brackets, leaf springs and more for a smooth towing experience.